Nursing Assignment on Promoting health and preventing Ill Health Assignment

1-page drafts in Word document can be submitted to the moodle site, The Poster needs to be in Powerpoint. Word document reference list in Harvard style with a front sheet (no word limit).
In this section, we have included clear guidance for the assignment and draft in a PDF document.
We have provided a folder of Poster resources with some extra guidance and tips and some poster templates.
We have added an exemplar poster to guide you on how you might want to present your poster and a recorded session on how to put together a poster.
This guidance should be considered alongside the SNAM assessment criteria in the Programme handbook that outline the requirements for marking.
Your mark will be reflective of the quality and application of the evidence and theory and the level of analysis as guided in the SNAM assessment criteria.
All the information needed is in the additional materials. Remember to use contemporary academic evidence to support your work/ Please remember that you will need to add your own explanation and evidence for why you use any model or diagram otherwise you are not demonstrating your understanding, only reproducing others’ work. You need to use 10 sources, try and look for the original research and data rather than just the info from Public health England (PHE).

In this assignment, I am aiming for an outstanding piece of work. Please let me know if you need more information