Nursing Assignment on Fishbone diagram

This assignment has three main purposes:
Locating nursing quality improvement indicators based on valid and evidence-based recommendations by certain Healthcare Quality Assurance Organizations.
Analyzing the problem.
Generating an evidence-based research question.
This assignment involves four steps.

1. Read these articles and select one patient quality indicator related to NURSING practice.

Interdisciplinary Nursing Quality Research Initiative (attached)
National Database for Nursing Quality Indicators (attached)
National Priorities and Goals (attached)
2. Read this article and PowerPoint:

Using Fishbone Analysis to Investigate Problems (attached)
Fishbone Diagram and Research Question PowerPoint (attached)
3. Using the quality outcome indicator, identify the problem. Develop a Fishbone Diagram that displays the problem and predisposing factors within four main categories:

Management/ organizational factors
Patient-related factors
Environmental factors
Staff/ Nurses’ related factors
Use the attached Fishbone Diagram Template to develop your Fishbone diagram.

4. From the Fishbone diagram that you have developed, generate a research question (please make sure to study the application example in the PowerPoints which provides a demonstration on how to generate a research question from Fishbone Diagram