Coursework Essay

write a 3,000-word essay

Please use the high ranked journal article

What role does technology play in generating uneven economic development, and how are multinationals implicated in it?

Essay Marking Criteria and Guidance

 Your essay must conform to the following criteria: • Times New Roman font • Double-spaced

A maximum of 3,000 words. This does not include your list of references.

 o I really mean 3,000 words as a maximum – there is no +10%!

While you have some leeway to interpret your chosen question as you see fit, make sure your approach engages with core course material. One major aim of the essay is to gauge the extent to which you have internalized key ideas in readings and lectures. So make sure your essay satisfies this.
The theory is especially important.
Write as if your intended reader was a generally intelligent and informed non-expert. Do not assume key ideas; instead, explain them clearly from the first principles. If they are crucial, be sure to go in sufficient depth.
Follow appropriate referencing and bibliography. In seeking sources, a useful starting point would be the reading lists provided for this course. A logical next step for deepening your knowledge would be the bibliographies of those works.
The use of a wide variety of relevant academic (ie peer-reviewed) sources is expected.
There is no magic ‘right’ number of sources, and quality is preferred over quantity.
Clarity of expression is very important.
Essay structure matters. Make sure your introduction indicates your thesis. Have a plan, make it explicit to the reader, and follow it.
Having a well-articulated thesis statement in your introduction will help to structure your argument and provide a roadmap to the reader