Module C: Part I: Personal Philosophical Statement/Mind Map

The purpose of Module C-Part I is to allow students an opportunity to synthesize course concepts
and develop a personal philosophical statement of one’s values and beliefs about nursing.
Students will construct a theory mind map to conceptualize their personal philosophical statement
and their beliefs in relation to one selected theory. Students are to include the metaparadigm
concepts of person/client, environment, health/illness and nursing into their mind map.
3) Analyze conceptual models and middle range theories using the metaparadigm of nursing in
relation to patient case examples.
4) Evaluate a patient-centered clinical protocol or policy using evidence-based practice and a
nursing theory.
5) Synthesize a nursing philosophy, and a nursing theory into a personal philosophical statement
that reflects beliefs about nursing practice.
Required Resources
American Psychological Association (APA). Publication manual of the American Psychological
Association (6th ed.). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association
Masters, K. (2015). Nursing theories: A framework for professional practice (2nd ed.). Burlington, MA:
Jones & Bartlett Learning.
Possible Resources
Alligood, M. R. (2014). Nursing theorists and their work (8th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier Mosby.
Karnick, P. M. (2014). What kind of nurse are you? Nursing Science Quarterly, 27(3), 211-213.
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Lee. R. C., & Fawcett, J. (2013). The Influence of the metaparadigm of nursing on professional
identity development among RN-BSN students. Nursing Science Quarterly, 26(1), 96-98.
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Mind Maps

Nursing Theories
Module C Textbook Readings:
 Chapters based upon selected theorist/theory
 Additional literature, i.e. journal articles, etc.
Module C
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Foundations of Nursing Knowledge
Learning Activities
Students will develop a personal philosophical statement, create a mind map, and select a nursing
theorist/theory that is compatible with their individual nursing practice. Students will write a twothree
page scholarly paper describing a) their mind map; b) how they envision using their selected
theory in in their individual nursing practice; and how their personal philosophical statement is
compatible with their chosen theory.
1. Personal philosophical Statement – The use of a nursing philosophy is the basis for nursing
practice and promotes the proper application of nursing knowledge as well as the
development of nursing theory and knowledge.
o Develop a personal philosophical statement incorporating your personal thoughts,
and beliefs about nursing.
o Information regarding your personal philosophical statement will be included in
your mind map, and discussed in the scholarly paper. (See below).
Theory Mind Map:
1. Incorporate your personal philosophical statement in your mind map.
2. Illustrate the compatibility of your selected theorist/theory with your
personal philosophical statement of how you practice nursing in your mind
map. (In other words…provide a conceptual image/drawing of how you
envision your personal philosophical statement is compatible with your
selected theorist/theory).
Scholarly Paper:
1. Include your personal philosophical statement in the scholarly paper.
2. Discuss the compatibility of your personal philosophical statement with a
chosen existing nursing theory in the scholarly paper.
3. Discuss the chosen theory’s application to your current practice in the
scholarly paper.
4. Provide an example of how you would specifically apply the theory
into your nursing practice in the scholarly paper.
2. Theory Mind Map
o Complete an individual mind map/drawing to illustrate/demonstrate synthesis of
course concepts by relating nursing theory to your experiences as a nurse and
application to practice.
o The mind map shows the relationship of the concepts of person, environment,
health and nursing by a theorist of your choice as you see the theory in your
practice. No examples of mind maps are given so you can be creative.
o The mind map can be stick figures, pictures, drawings, diagrams, etc. Review the
document in the module C folder titled: “How To Create a Mind Map in Word.”
o Information regarding your mind map will be included in your mind map, and
discussed in the scholarly paper. (See below).
Mind map will include:
1. Personal thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about the four concepts of the
nursing metaparadigm:
 Person/client
 Environment
 Health
 Nursing
3. Personal Philosophical Statement/Theory Mind Map Assignment Submission Please
refer to class schedule for due date and time.
 Writing Expectations: Write a 2-3 page scholarly paper (not including title
page or reference page) to describe/discuss your mind map, personal
philosophical statement, and application to nursing practice.
 References: A minimum of 2 scholarly/peer-reviewed references in addition to
your textbook.
 APA Guidelines: Assignment is supported by APA guidelines which
includes an expectation of complete sentences which are grammatically
correct, free of spelling errors and supported by proper in-text citation and
Module C
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Foundations of Nursing Knowledge
use of references.
 Upload the personal philosophical statement/theory mind map scholarly
paper as one word document, and submit your completed assignment into
the assignment tool under the tab titled: “Module C Philosophical
Statement/Mind Map.”
Grading: Please refer to the Module C personal philosophical statement/mind map grading rubric
located in Module C.