Module 2 Recruiting Onsite and Virtual Workers Assignment

Option #2: Diversity and Recruitment Methods

In today’s business environment, there is much conversation about diversity and inclusion. Organizations are now more inclined to recruit diverse talent. Remote and local workers can be diverse candidates.

Imagine you are a part of Company X, which is a large IT company that specializes in helping its customers with desktop remote service issues. Company X hires IT professionals who work remotely, thus there are no face-to-face interactions between employees and customers.

As the Recruitment Manager for Company X, you have been tasked to hire two IT customer service representatives. One of the service representatives will work on site, while the other representative will work virtually. The leadership team has asked that you focus on recruiting diverse candidates.

Explain which recruitment method (e.g., external or internal), you believe is appropriate to use when hiring diverse talent. Also, discuss what organizations must be aware of when recruiting candidates of a diverse talent pool