MKT434 Global Marketing Management

Group Project Guidelines
In groups of 4 students, you and your team are to develop a market entry plan for the introduction of
a new UAE-based footwear brand to a foreign country. You can choose any type of footwear for your
company (e.g., sneakers, women’s shoes, men’s shoes, luxury, every day).
Your group will need to analyze the various environments (external, competitor, and consumer) that
relate to the footwear market, and based on this analysis, develop an appropriate international
market entry plan into a specific country for your new brand. In the plan, you should carefully analyze
the target market and identify an appropriate market entry strategy for your brand.
Your selection of country should be based on a country selection process that you must describe and
motivate in your report. The country you select must be included in the Euromonitor database for
footwear and you need to check carefully that it is. Moreover, you are not allowed to select any of
the following countries: USA, U.K., Australia, India, or Pakistan. There can only be one group per
country and countries are allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis. Make sure you have approval
from your professor before you start working with your chosen country.
Your work should be guided by the suggested outline (below) but it is important that you make use
of the material discussed in class and other relevant material you can find online and in the
university library.
Your report should be uploaded to Blackboard (via SafeAssign) no later than Thursday, April 29,
2021. Note that you must submit a Word- or PDF document to BlackBoard. If you have used Pages
you must convert your document to Word- or PDF format (refer to for how to convert Pages documents).
As it is a group project, it is very important that all sections flow together. You are required to create
the marketing plan using a Google Document, which allows you to see and comment on each other’s
contributions. You may also be required to share your document with your instructor and the
department chair (refer to the course syllabus section 12).
The length of the report should be a maximum of 20 pages (excluding references, title page, table of
contents, and appendices). Use 12-point font and double line spacing.
You are encouraged to use charts, figures, and other illustrations to get your points across. For
example, you can use a line chart to show market size growth, a pie chart to show market shares, a
bar chart to show competitors’ sales, and pictures to show your products. Make sure that you
include all charts and tables in the relevant place in the report, not in an appendix.

MKT434 Global Marketing Management Spring 2021
The report should be guided by the following outline:
Title Page
Table of Contents
Executive summary
A brief description of the new brand and its product mix.
Selection of Target Country
Follow the country selection process to identify the most attractive market to enter. Justify
your choice of the target market.
Description of the Target Country
Brief description of the target country outlining basic facts such as geographic location,
population size, economic status (developing-, middle-income-, developed nation), and main
cultural influences (e.g., ethnicity, religion).
The competitive situation in Target Market
Identify main competitors and analyze the competitive situation (e.g., market dominance and
rivalry). Identify the main competitive advantages of your brand over its competitors.
Other Environmental Factors of Target Market
Consider other aspects of the marketing environment in the host country (culture,
demographics, consumer behavior, and industry structure where relevant). Highlight potential
differences in consumer behavior in the host country relative to those in the UAE.
Market entry strategy
Based on the results in the preceding sections, specify whether the exporting (indirect or direct),
licensing, strategic alliance, or joint venture market entry strategy will be used and provide
concrete details of how the strategy will work in practice. Justify your choice of market entry
Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning
Describe how the market will be segmented, what segment(s) you will target, and how you
will position your brand.
Marketing Mix
Elaborate on each of the 4 Ps in the marketing mix strategy, linking to target customers’ needs
and the positioning of your product/service. Provide concrete descriptions and examples of
your marketing mix choices (e.g., product descriptions, price levels, retail outlets, advertising
MKT434 Global Marketing Management Spring 2021
Referencing should be done following the APA referencing system (author + year in parenthesis
at the citation & reference list at the end of the report).
Tables and figures should be placed in the main text. Only information that is not directly
relevant for the report should be placed in an appendix.