Mindfulness meditation or mindfulness-based stress reduction

Resource Guide Project

mindfulness meditation or mindfulness-based stress reduction

Instructions: Develop a resource guide for a rehabilitation intervention, assistive technology, or health promotion program that can reduce the functional limitations associated with chronic medical conditions. Your resource guide can be presented in an electronic folder or on a website. You are encouraged to include photos, sketches, and other materials that would be useful to a reader of your resource guide (e.g., photos of different styles of wheelchairs or prostheses). The intervention or assistive technology topic that you select should be from the list below. Note that these topics are for improvement and maintenance of health and wellness (rather than surgical or pharmacological interventions).

Select a topic that is new and unfamiliar but interesting to you from Page 7-8. The grading of the resource guide will be based on comprehensiveness and professional quality. Sources of all materials should be identified on the picture or item and in a bibliography.

Scoring Rubric:

–           Symptom or Disability description

–           Information about the intervention, AT, or health promotion program

o          History or Background

o          Types of the intervention (AT or health promotion)

o          Methods (e.g., how to do/use)

o          Major name or institute

–           Benefits/ Outcomes

–           Evidence-Based Practice:

 Include a minimum of three professional articles that show the effectiveness of the intervention.

–           List of Related web resources or institutes