MGT 610 Week 4 Assignment: The Corporate Melting Pot

Objective: This week’s assignment involves a case study from which you will create a 3-5-page analytical essay.  The purpose of this exercise is to encourage you to organize scholarly sources and to discern the best scholarly sources for forming an argument and conducting an analysis of a leadership topic.

Week 4 contains the following assignment:

  • Week 4: The Corporate Melting Pot

You will also need the following materials to prepare for this assignment:

  • The case at

Be sure to support your claims and assertions using citations from the case study and two or three other credible resources that must include at least one peer-reviewed journal article.

Week 4: The Corporate Melting Pot

This week’s assignment involves a case study from which you will create a 3-5-page analytical essay.  The page count does not include the title and reference page(s).  The essay requirements are:

Requirement 1.  Integrate information from the case and two or three other credible sources.  One of the credible sources must be a peer-reviewed journal article.  All sources should be less than ten years old.

Recommendation Preparation Step for Each Peer Reviewed Source.  This week’s assignment will require the use of three additional credible sources—one of which must be a peer-reviewed journal article.  The ability to write an introductory paragraph about a peer-reviewed journal article demonstrates the ability to grasp and articulate its contents.  The purpose of the introduction paragraph is to articulate the main topic of the article, provide a thesis statement, and mention of the topics covered by the article.

To prepare, find at least one peer-reviewed journal article (from LIRN or another database) you wish to cite in the essay.  Skim the article and notice that the article likely has a lengthy introduction.  Afterward, break down the introduction into its components and rebuild the introduction into a single paragraph using your own words.  (The paragraph should have at least four sentences.)

Afterward, write one paragraph explaining how the article’s authors collected and analyzed data; remember to summarize the findings/conclusions emerging from their analysis.

Then, when reading the article, refer back to your paragraphs use them to ensure you capture the main points of the article while reading.  This handy trick will keep you mindful of an article’s contents while working on an assignment.

Requirement 2.
  The essay must be analytical.  This means your essay should offer an argument (or claim) about the sources you are analyzing.  Therefore, you will need to ground your essay using a thesis statement (serving as a claim) and then build an argument supporting the claim.

Requirement 3.  Your essay should have: (a) an introduction containing the claim; (b) body paragraphs providing an argument supporting the claim using cited evidence and vital information, and (c) a conclusion drawing together all the points supporting your claim.  Remember to use APA-level headings, as needed.

The essay needs to be APA-formatted and you must cite/reference all sources.  Happy essaying!

Additional Useful Resources.  You may find the following supplemental materials useful while planning and drafting your assignment:

  • Advice on prewriting and formulating a thesis statement: and
  • Advice on outlining and organizing: and
  • Advice on integrating sources:,,and
  • Advice on proofreading:
  • Structuring/organizing your essay:,, and
  • Writing Introduction and Conclusion:

Submission.  Remember to edit and proofread your document.  All citations and references should be APA formatted and use the APA Essay Template available at the Writing Center.

Good luck!

Week 4’s Submission

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