Medical Sciences Essay Assignment on Description of Dementia

Medical Sciences Essay Assignment on Description of Dementia

Criteria for Evaluation of the Research Paper:

Subject: student must receive approval of his/her subject from the instructor.

40% Content

The content of this paper must demonstrate that the student has met the course

objectives. At least 15 – 20% of the words must be medical terms

20% Self-expression

The paper is written in the student’s own words.

 Direct quotes are in APA format.

 Major ideas are acknowledged and referenced (citations).

20% Organization

  The content is presented in a sequential, logical manner with an introduction and


  The initial paragraph indicates the purpose of the paper.

   A reference list is included with a minimum of four professional citations

(excluding the textbook).

  The paper and reference list follow APA format.

  The paper is typed in Word and double-spaced. Make use of the spell check, the

thesaurus, and the grammar check on the computer.

  There must be a minimum of four pages and a maximum of six pages

20%  Grammar


(Usage Guidelines for the Standards of Written English)

  Is every sentence a complete sentence?

  Does every sentence end with a punctuation point?

  Are other punctuation points used correctly?

  Does every sentence begin with a capital letter?

  Are all proper nouns and appropriate proper adjectives capitalized?

  Does every verb agree in number with its subject?

  Are verb forms and tenses used correctly?

  No use of the first person is included (I, my, me).

  Are personal pronouns used correctly?

  Does every pronoun agree with its antecedent in number and in gender?  Are

pronoun references clear?

  One point will be deducted for each spelling error.