Master of Business Administration Assignment

1. Introduction
Welcome to Assessment 2 of Human Resource Management, a part of your Master of Business
Administration Program. This individual assessment enables the students to critically appraise
the strategic function of the Emiratization program in a specific company and its implications to
the HRM practices.
2. Course Learning Outcomes:
In this assessment, you should be able to:
CLO1: Critically analyze the strategic role of HRM in organizations, and the links between
organizational and HRM (P1, P3, P4, P5, KN4, SK2, AR3, SD1)
CLO2: Interpret implications and legal aspects of global HRM (P2, P3, P6, KN3, SK1, SK5, AR1,
3. Program Learning Outcomes:
The Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs) indicated above are mapped to your overall (MBA)
Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs). This assessment tests your achievement in the program with
reference to the following PLOs:
PLO1: Critically evaluate opportunities in a variety of contexts using innovative approaches to
create value for stakeholders and society.
PLO2: Demonstrate the ability to make decisions based on ethical values and social awareness.
PLO3: Experiment with multiple theories and functional perspectives for the interpretation of
comprehensive challenges to the business environment.
PLO4: Select appropriate research instruments to address domestic factors and drivers in the
global context.
PLO5: Combine relevant theoretical advances with functional business skills to construct timely
and informed decisions.
PLO6: Defend arguments using effective teamwork, value diverse perspectives and skills, and
deploy a variety of roles to accomplish team goals.
4. QFEmirates Level 9:
Please see Annex C for the detailed description.
1. Knowledge – KN3, KN4
2. Skill – SK1, SK2, SK5
3. Autonomy and Responsibility – AR1, AR3
4. Self-Development – SD1, SD2
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5. CoreLife Skills
The assessment will test the acquisition by the student of Core Life Skill (CLS) indicated by the CAA
within the teaching framework of the overall course. CLS acquired on this course are the following:
Information (CLS1) Collecting, analyzing, organizing, and applying the information in a given
Solving (CLS5) Solving problems including using mathematical ideas and techniques
6. Assessment
Assessment Requirement:
1. Synthesize the effectiveness of an organization in aligning the HRM strategies with the
organizational strategies.
2. Critically appraise the strategic function of the Emiratization program in a specific company
and its implications to the HRM practices.
3. Critically evaluate how the organization measures the effectiveness of the specific
Emiratization strategies to achieve organizational goals.
The size of the report is 2,000 words and must be uploaded on the LMS.
Submission Date: July 8, 2020
Your Terms of Reference:
The parts of the paper require the following:
 Consider an organization within Abu Dhabi as a case study. Critically analyse and
evaluate its strategic HRM practices in line with the Emiratization program.
Literature Review
 Provide at least 5 citations from related literature that are related to the theme of this
HRM Strategies
 Critically explore the HRM methods and techniques being used by the company to
support the Emiratization program.
Challenges and Counter Measures
 Critically present the current shortcomings, challenges of the organization in the process
of achieving the specific HRM strategies through Emiratization. Relate the organization’s
experiences whether private or in government settings (private sector may have a
different predicament in line with the new directives last year).
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 Critically explain how the organization evaluates the effectiveness of the specific
Emiratization strategies in line with HRM practices.
 Specify at least three recommendations. Your recommendations must be focused and
may lead to the action plan and program development.
 Provide the gist of the parts of the paper drawn above