Maryam Hamad – Managing People at Work

HR9405                                 Seminar Outlines for Students

Planning the Management Report

Pre – Work

Prepare a draft of your Management Report:

(1)          Identify a contemporary management issue – this will require you to use evidence (for example from news media) of a current issue that affects managers (for example changes in legislation, public policy, social attitudes, or the state of the economy).

(2)          Show how managers are responding to the issue – for example, demographic change in Taiwan means that there are fewer young people looking for jobs, are Taiwanese managers changing the way they recruit and select young people as a result?  Again this requires you to use evidence.

(3)          Discuss which management skills should be used if managers are to respond to this issue well.

The Seminar

Stage One (30 Minutes)

You will be allocated to a group of four or five students.

In each group you will take turns to verbally outline their draft to the rest of the group.

Each group will select the person they consider to have done the work best.

Stage Two (30 – 40 minutes)

Each of the selected students will present their draft to the whole group.  At the end of each presentation, other students and the tutor will be able to ask questions

The Tutor will give feedback on the presentations

Stage Three (30 minutes – 40 minutes)

You will work on your own (but supported by the tutor) in developing their essay in light of the examples of good work that you have heard.