Marketing Report on Brand Equity Report

You will analyze quantitative data to report on the brand’s observed sources of equity and make recommendations with regard to brand strategy and integrated marketing communications.

• To complete this assignment, please note that filling pages without adding content is strongly discouraged. Every word/ sentence/ paragraph that can be removed without losing content should be removed.

Assume that you are the junior brand manager for one of those brands and that your role is to provide insights for your direct report – the senior brand manager – in the form of a brand equity report.

As part of this assignment, you will be provided a dataset and research questions. That is, you do not need to collect data yourself as part of this assignment. Rather, I provided a dataset via Blackboard, which you will need to analyze using Microsoft Excel. It will not be possible to complete this assignment without access to Microsoft Excel .

Note that you are required to incorporate three statistical tests in your analyses:
• Independent Samples T-Test
• Regression

Your final research report should be written in a compelling way and clear communication is critical. While the marks allocated to professional communication may seem small in comparison to other sections in the CRA, particularly poor communication can decrease evaluation in other sections as it may interfere with the graders’ ability to assess your performance.

** MY CHOSEN BRAND is Brand A – Doritos**

Answer the following question, using the uploaded excel “Assessment 2 Data”:

1. Do brand evaluations (the degree to which consumers perceive the new Doritos as bad vs. good in general) vary across countries? Due to cultural differences in gender expectations and the importance of these markets, there is a particular interest in understanding differences between French, UK, and US consumers.
2. The senior brand manager is worried that any change in consumer evaluations (positive vs. negative) is just a consequence of novelty. Consequently, she would like you to provide insights on whether evaluations differ for consumers that tried the new chips more recently.
3. The senior brand manager would like to know whether there is a difference in perceptions of femininity among male and female consumers.
4. Finally, there is a specific interest in whether there is a difference in perceptions of femininity among male and female US consumers.

A guideline for the brand equity report is provided below. Please note that the entire document counts towards the word-count.

Title Page
Executive summary (~ 200 words)
Table of contents
1. Introduction (~ 100 words)
1.1 Purpose of the report
1.2 Issues to be discussed and their significance
2. Body
2.1 Literature review
2.1.1 Research Question 1 (Marketing and Brand Management literature should be provided to underline the importance of each research question. scientific journal articles are encouraged ~ 100 words per research question)
2.1.2 Research Question 2
2.1.3 Research Question 3
2.1.4 Research Question 4
2.2 Method (The description of your sample goes here)
2.3 Discussion and analysis of data
2.3.1 Results for Research Question 1 (Each question must clearly indicate the chosen test and clearly state the result of this test ~ 100 words per research question)
2.3.2 Results for Research Question 2
2.3.3 Results for Research Question 3
2.3.4 Results for Research Question 4
3. Recommendations
4.1 Recommendation 1 (Recommendations need to be formed based on research results and should be further strengthened by referencing scientific journal articles ~ 150 words per research question)
4.2 Recommendation 2
4.3 Recommendation 3
4.4 Recommendation 4
4. Conclusion (~ 150 words)
5. References
6. Appendices ()

Important that have critically analyzed the data provided and used your interpretation skills to answer the research questions insightfully and in full. Also, make sure have conducted a critical analysis of the brand’s equity as evident in the data. the report needs to provide additional insights into how this may be improved further.