Marketing Coursework Assignment on Digital Marketing Analysis

Digital Marketing Analysis (Guidelines for Original discussion below)

For this discussion, we had to think about our selected business or company and respond to the following:

  • What digital marketing approaches might be appropriate to reach the targeted customers?
  • What digital marketing approaches are likely to be least effective?

I know need to provide feedback to my peers below on their discussions. I like to provide positive feedback and directed to my peers (ex. Hello Horace,) Each discussion in its own paragraph with its own reference, please.

Peer Discussion 1: Horace

MSH Brands is a pet food company that is releasing the Puppy Loves Meal brand is an organic and ethically sourced packaged dog meal.  Our targeted consumer group is dog owners, who are majority homeowners and renters in less urban areas and are Millennials.  Research has shown that 60% of US adults utilize mobile devices and “Pew Research estimates that 95% of adults 18-29 use YouTube with 91% from ages 29-49 “spanning the Millennial and Generational Z cohort ranges” (Auxier & Anderson 2021).  I believe website advertising, and emails to be less effective approaches to digital marketing due to the fact that can be filtered out by users and software’s, they also can an annoyance to users utilizing both tools and could result in negative feelings toward the brands due to their targeted marketing approach.


Auxier, B., & Anderson, M. (2021, April 7). Social Media Use in 2021. Pew Research Center: Internet, Science & Tech.

Peer Discussion 2: Christopher

The company that I am doing my marketing plan for is Baptist Health Medical Center. More specifically our Health Management department and Cardiac Rehab. We want to implement a hybrid option. Our patients are anyone that has had a heart procedure, such as a stent, bypass, transplant, etc… We also accept Congestive Heart Failure patients if their EF is below 35%.
The generation cohort we usually see is Baby Boomers and Gen X. Every now and then we will get a Millenial patient. Direct advertising, word of mouth advertising, and instruction from their physician are usually how we get patients into our programs. However, there is an opportunity for digital approaches. We could use email advertising and Facebook ads. We also have an online portal called My Charts that some patients utilize. We could set up advertising there for patients that are known to have heart disease. 
The least effective approach would be Snapchat, Instagram, or Tiktok ads. Our target audience does not typically use these social media outlets. However, they do have family members that take care of them or are looking out for them and may see an ad that sparks their interest. They could relay the information to their family members.