Marketing Assignment on Create A PSA Script

Choose either a non-profit organization or a pro-social message. Create a message statement, audience statement, impact statement, and a script for a 30-second Video Public Service Announcement.

(45 points)

Script Format

– Your PSA script should be a dual column with all audio on the right and all video on the left.

– There should be sequential line numbers down the center of the script. Each new page should start again with line 1.

– On the video side of the script, each new shot should have a sequential shot number.

– Anything on the script that is not spoken by the talent should be all capital letters.

– Design something you can actually create.

Message Statement

A grammatically correct one-sentence statement crystallizing the message of the public service announcement

Audience Statement

A description of the target audience for the public service announcement

Impact Statement

A statement of the intended impact/outcome goal of the public service announcement

Discipline: Audio Video