Managing People and careers portfolio

For your final assessment, you will be asked to submit a portfolio containing the components listed below which will be based around a given fictitious job vacancy. You will have a choice of 3 job vacancies. The job vacancies will be fictitious but based on suitable vacancies available at the time. I will upload the job vacancies, please use the marketing assistant IMPRESSION UK! I will also upload the component structure of the portfolio! There are five questions to be answered in the application form, competency-based job application answers to supplied questions, a reflective account needs to be done as well. Produce a reflective account of how you have developed two Business Readiness Competencies whilst studying this module. Draw on examples from seminar activities and/or part-time work experience as evidence of how you have been proactively developing your business readiness. You should demonstrate the application of Kolb , or Gibbs’s reflective learning cycle in your reflective account. You will need to choose 2 from the following skills:
Effective communication
• Business etiquette
• Interpersonal skills
• Presentation skills
Time Management
Please use the assessment brief document( Summative assessment ) for details, Harvard referencing must be used. I will upload CV models as well. Please use Educational background: High School 2004-2008” Gheorghe Sincai: Matematics and English” University :Roehampton London Business Management!2019-2021 I’m in second year!
Work experience: 6 years at SIFA INTERNATIONAL as supervisor
and 5 years as Housekeeper and Personal assistant at Lloyds family

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Discipline: Managing people and Careers( Business Management