Management Research Paper on gulf coca cola beverages

Assignment Instruction


Assignment Title

Group Research Report

Course Name

Advanced Marketing Management

Course Number

MKT 570

Semester or Session

Spring Term 1




Dr Babeet Gupta

Credit Hours


Assignment Value

Report – 30 Marks

Presentation-10 Marks

Assignment Due Date

1 March 2021

Procedure for or where to submit work (including file name format for TurnItIn where applicable)

·    Submit the assignment to the instructor through Moodle by the deadline date

·    Use the file name specified by the instructor for the assignment (normally your name and student ID) [Mustafa 20193805674]

·    Provide a printed copy in class by the deadline date

·    College policy requires instructors to process all written assignments through TurnItIn

·    One mark is deducted for each calendar day of late submission

·    Students can work in a group of maximum 3 each

Expected Return Date

3 March 2021

Description of

Assignment Task

Prepare a group reseach  report using APA format.

Students will be divided into groups and write a research paper about any company in the MENA region:


Apply a marketing strategy on a company taking into consideration


1. The product life cycle and SWOT analysis.

2. Analyze pricing strategy, channels, marketing communication, mix, and

    advertising programs

3. Assess the company’s new product development and the competition


4. Recommend the company marketing strategies that you think the

    company must adopt.

5. Structure/Reference/Bibliography.

6. The group will make  a presentation of the report

Course Learning Outcomes Assessed




Word or Page Limit

2500-3000  words  (excluding Reference list)

Presentation Format

(e.g. MS Word document)

Typed in 12 font size and font style Times New Roman. All your text/heading/subheading must be in same 12 font size and the font style must be times New Roman.

Resources and Support Available

College library, internet newspapers, magazines, or other reference sources.