Management Report Volunteer Program Audit Report for Lifeline

Task: This assessment is a report and presentation which builds on Assessment 2 – Performance Audit Template.

You are hired as a consultant to audit the selected organization’s (in Assessment 2) volunteer program. Students are required to:

Write a professional audit report on the program including recommendations. There are three sections to this report:

  1. The first page should contain an executive summary concentrating on the main findings and recommendations of the report.

  2. The second section is extensive and summarises the areas that the audit addressed (see Assessment 2). Briefly identify the strengths of the program, areas of concern or risk, and potential areas for development or growth (a SWOT analysis). Support each point with data, evidence, information or an illustration. Make it clear and concise.

  3. In the third section, make recommendations by presenting alternatives and discuss the benefits and risks of each option including costs in both time and money. Cite where the data and research underpinning your recommendation comes from but do not include lengthy details. Write a separate paragraph for each alternative.

Include any background or detailed information in the appendices including the audit template and references for the citations in the body of the report.The format of the report should contain sections and subsections matching your findings and recommendations. Organise your sections into a logical flow. Focus on the areas that offer information of the greatest importance first. The use of clear headings allows the reader to quickly scan for information.Recommended formatting: 12 point size, 1.5 spacing, left-justified.