Management Essay Assignment on WK2 – Work Breakdown Structure of office move

Work Breakdown Structure: Breakdown of office move
– Analyze the case study document and compile a Work Breakdown list of activities for the office move.
If you are an HIM program – Health Information Management student please reference the case study labeled “Case Study for HIM Students: Transitioning from paper to electronic health records” and complete a Work Breakdown list of activities for a successful transition to electronic medical records

– Please reference the Sample WBS document template (located under Course Materials) to give you a basic example of a task list for a WBS
– You may use this, an outline style list, or a tree diagram as illustrated in your book. For this project, be careful not to create so many tasks that you get buried in detail. You will discover that between 25 and 40 tasks are adequate.

Also, please note that there are sample documents from another case study to be found under Course Materials, Sample documents. The sample WBS, Network Diagram, and Gantt Chart will help you understand how the three tools are linked together, all using the same list of WBS activities