Management Coursework Assignment on WK 3 – Build Network Diagram and Gantt Chart

Create your own preliminary Network Diagram and a Gantt Chart for the case study you started analyzing on week 2. Again as noted previously, HIM students should use the case study labeled: “Case Study for HIM Students: Transitioning from paper to electronic health records”.
For this project keep them as simple as you can and, if possible but not essential, confined to one sheet of paper for easy viewing. You are not trying to demonstrate that you are the world’s expert on office moves – you are learning the process and the tools and at this stage, excessive detail will only slow you down and frustrate you and your team colleagues. There are examples of both formats to Course Materials/Sample Documents. These can help you with the format and provide a perspective on the amount of data that is appropriate. Submit them on Blackboard by Sunday at Midnight.
You have various options to construct these charts. You can build them manually on Powerpoint or Excel or you may prefer to build your charts with this software by downloading the Gantt project.

or by using other Project Management Software like MS Project or a different one of your choice.

Attached and below References: