Management Assignment on Term Paper Project Risk Management

Term Paper Project Risk Management Guidelines
2020/ 2021
Instructor: Dr Omayma Motaleb Mukhtar
You are required to choose a project that encounters risk management issues. You
are entitled to compare between the processes of risk management in the three
1. PMBOK (needs research)
2. PRINCE (needs research)
3. ISO 31000 (such process in classes’ lectures)
The paper should not be more than six pages, including references and any
other documents (if needed). This term paper contributes 30% of the total mark
of the course. This is individual work.
Due date 25th April 2021.
The structure of the term paper should include:
1. A brief introduction to Risk and Project Risk Management, and
methodology from different bodies(PMBK, PRINCE2, and ISO31000)
perspectives and principles.
2. The comparison of the Project Risk Management Process in detail for
each body (preferred a project example) should include :
a. Risk Management Context
b. Risk Management Planning
c. Risk Identification/Assessment
d. Qualitative Risk Analysis Performance
e. Quantitative Risk Analysis Performance
f. Risk Treatment/Response Planning
g. Risk Control
h. Any other materials/ methods/ creative techniques/ frameworks
development /models/ standards.
3. The impacts/ consequences, probabilities/likelihoods of risks
4. Strategies/policies for implementing treatment options.
5. Communications and consultations from the body’s perspective
6. Conclusion
7. References
8. Appendices(if needed