Management Assignment on Newell Rubbermaid Case Study

Change Management                            Individual Diagnosis

The goal as individuals- stability. When life is normal, I can succeed.

Reality= VUCA World filled with life-altering earthquakes.

Where are the people in the system?

Immobilized: Cannot take it in. Too much too soon too often. Frozen

  • Need- trust in systems to work; trust in the community to pull together
  • Often look to authority for answers

Angry: Why me? Why now? Why didn’t they do something earlier?

  • Need honest information and assurance
  • Often respond to “tough love” emphasizing their responsibility to make decisions about attitude, commitment, and action.

Denial. Act like everything is the same and it will be. Refuse to change.

  • Need: reality therapy by those they trust.
  • Often respond to concrete and consistent goals, expectations, and follow-through.

Bargaining: Looking for a way out or a way through to a better tomorrow

  • Need: rewards for accomplishments; consequences for non-achievement
  • Often respond to have some input into and/ or control of how we handle things.

Testing: Seeking realistic solutions. Ownership of being part of the solution.

  • Need: a vision for a future that excites and motivates.
  • Often respond to seeing their ideas implemented; seeing innovation recognized and rewarded.

Readiness: For new responsibilities; new opportunities; new challenges