Management Assignment on International Supply Chain management

Element 011 Individual Assignment (60%)
% of Total Mark: 60%
Due Date: 26 April 2021 by 2 pm through TurnitinUK
Word limit/Time allowed: 1800 words
Task: Write a supply chain consultancy report
You will be expected to analyze an organization’s supply chain to
develop a clear recommendation to improve their situation. You can
write the consultancy report for an organization of your
choice (agreed by your tutor) or the supplied case study, Jackson
N.B. If you select an organization of your choice, you MUST discuss
it with your tutor. It is highly recommended that you select one you
have worked for or are very familiar with. Selecting a large multinational with an excellent supply chain is not recommended, as it
will be VERY difficult for you to find improvements for them.
The consultancy report should be presented professionally,
including a clear structure, title page, and contents page.
The rationale for assessment design:
This assignment is designed for you to apply the tools and
frameworks of supply chain management analysis. It will build and
develop your ability to conduct problem-solving skills and make
sound recommendations. Your writing skills will develop as you will need to develop a clear argument between the analysis and
recommendation and do this effectively in the word count.
Marking Criteria
The individual report will need to cover the following aspects:
1. Executive Summary: Briefly summarise the content of the
entire consultancy report, this is not just the structure, but what
the analysis in the report shows and the recommendation
proposed. (Guideline: 300 words).
(learning outcome 2 and 3)
2. Analysis of the current state (AS IS): Evaluate the current
(AS IS) the situation in their supply chain using the SCOR
processes to examine how the processes are managed and
identify any issues or challenges they are facing in these
processes. You can also apply any further appropriate
models and tools which will analyze effectively how the
the organization manages its supply chain. This section should
explain their supply chain and identify the major challenges
they are facing in their supply chain and due to the Covid 19
pandemic (based on the analysis using the models and tools).
(Guideline: 700 words).
(learning outcome 2 and 3)
3. Recommendation (TO BE): Develop a recommendation to
improve their supply chain and respond to some challenge
discussed in section 2. This can be based on developing one
of the ideas in the case study or be a new idea. This section
should explain clearly to the
organization ONE recommendation in detail and explain the
idea fully and include clear illustrations and application of tools
and techniques. If you have many ideas and wish to include
them, you can create a table (which does not count in your
word count) and then focus on ONE recommendation, to
show the depth of your knowledge. (Guideline: 600 words).
(learning outcome 2 and 3)
4. Conclusion: The consultancy report is effectively summarised
and the final message made clear. (Guideline: 200 words).
(learning outcome 2 and 3)
5. Report style and Academic Rigour: Your report should be
written in good business English and be well-structured and
presented. Your report should clearly include the academic
insight, i.e. the concepts and the supporting references
involved, indicated in the report, and listed in the references
and bibliography. It is expected that diagrams should be used
in your analysis, diagrams and tables are not included in the
word count.
This assignment is submitted via TurnitinUK go to the Submission page
to for more on TurnitinUK.
Other skills and competencies
This assessment will also develop your problem-solving skills as
you will have data to analyze the case, identify the problems and
make a recommendation to solve the problems.