Management Assignment on Business case

Write a report (business case) about an organizational problem that requires Implementing the ISO 20000 -2018 standards in an organization to solve a problem.

– Introduction

Write about the purpose of the report and the targeted audience. Write about how the report will be organized.

This report aims at presenting a problem that requires information systems as a solution. This is the business case. It should inform the problem and solution clearly and concisely. The report should specify the targeted business goal(s) to be achieved with the solution. Refer to Chapter 1 in the textbook for suggestions on common business goals.

Use 1.5 line spacing throughout this report. Keep the reported margin, font, and font size as per the ones in this template.

Business profile

(The organization is a government public health sector that provides non-paid services to the public (planning on providing paid services in the future)

 Vision and Mission

Vision To achieve a healthier life for all and become an international leader in public health

Mission To ensure a state of well-being and reduce the burden of disease through regulations, data-driven interventions, and collaboration with stakeholders

Business Strategy and Strategic Goals

Strategic objectives

  1. Govern Public health
  2. Build the organization
  3. Grow and support public health expert community
  4. Establish a strong public health intelligence hub
  5. Produce public health evidence
  6. Enhance National Public Health Laboratory
  7. Establish National Public Health Emergency Operations Center
  8. Reduce communicable and non-communicable diseases
  9. Enhance healthy and safe communities and environments


A healthier life for all

Reduced burden of disease

The organization as a recognized authority in public health

– Business problem

  1. What type of problems do the standards solve? (analyze the problem)
  2. what other alternatives to Implementing the ISO 20000 -2018 standards?
  3. what financial considerations when deciding on Implementing the ISO 20000 -2018 standards?
  4. what risks the organization might face when Implementing the ISO 20000 -2018 standards?

– Expected impact

  1. what are the expected benefits and business impacts?

Discuss expected benefits financial, quantifiable benefits, measurable benefits, and observable benefits

How will the firm know it has achieved the benefits?

Business impacts including nonfinancial outcomes (new business, transformation, innovation, competitive response, organizational, supply chain, and human resource impacts)


APA style

5 references from journals (2016 and above)

5 references could be from (websites, white papers, books, and technical reports)