Major Depressive disorder (MDD) among the adolescent population in global communities Paper

Concept Analysis Paper
Purpose: The student will select a Concept Analysis article that has significance for the identified Phenomenon of
Interest (POI). Include a summary of the concept analysis article with particular attention to the identified critical
attributes of the concept as well as how the analysis contributes to nursing knowledge, and evaluate how the concept
analysis impacts the way the POI is viewed within the context of advanced nursing practice specialty.
Skills: The purpose of this assignment is to allow you to practice the following skills that are essential to your
success in this course as well as your academic and professional practice.
• Applying basic and complex disciplinary knowledge to advanced nursing practice situations.
• Critically examining individual elements or deconstructing issues.
• Critiquing and evaluating concepts and ideas.
• Developing a graphic representation of concepts that demonstrates the strength of relationships.
Knowledge: This assignment will also help you to become familiar with the following important content
• Relationship of concepts to theory building, nursing knowledge, and a relevant phenomenon of interest.
• Understand how a concept analysis applies to a phenomenon of interest.
• Transfer complex concepts from narrative to a visual format through Concept Mapping.
• Apply graduate-level scholarship
• Review required and recommended resources.
• Conduct a literature search and review of the literature to support ideas and concepts.
• Develop a scholarly paper that adheres to all expectations outlined in the rubric.
• Demonstrate graduate-level scholarship as outlined in the rubric.
Criteria for Success:
• The student will use the rubric as a guide to understanding expectations and performance levels for this
scholarly paper
• The student will adhere to the highest level of requirements in the rubric to meet or exceed expectations.
• The student will contribute original work, as demonstrated by the Turnitin Originality/Similarity Report.
• The student will access support services from the Biomedical Library and USA Writing Center as needed to
develop graduate-level scholarship skills.
• The student will submit the paper by the assignment due date