Literature Analysis/Review Assignment on Appraisal Tool and Summary Paper

You will be using the John Hopkins EBP Appraisal Tool for this assignment. You will need to submit 1 appraisal tool and provide a 1-2 page summary paper for the article.

Instructions for the appraisal paper: The paper should not be greater than 2 pages in length (does not include a title page or references). You will be using APA format for this paper. You will need to have an introduction, appraisal of methodology, appraisal of results, and clinical implications section.

1. Introduction: Write a brief summary of the significance of the problem identified in the paper.

2. Appraisal of Methodology: Describe study objective, type of design, group size, demographics/clinical similarity in groups, outcome measurements.

3. Appraisal of Results: Describe the results that answer the clinical question and the type of statistics used to analyze the results.

4. Clinical Implications: Restate the clinical question formulated from the article. Identify if the study can support a potential clinical practice change. State your rationale for supporting or not supporting the adoption or integration of evidence into practice.

5. References

Remember you are evaluating the quality of the study you select to review. In your write-up, do not just simply regurgitate the study information but critically appraise it. For example do not just tell me the sample size was 20 subjects but rather the implications of a small sample size. The risk of a type II error if low power created from small sample size. Usually, a good study will note the study limitations but you cannot rely on this.

The article is attached: “Intraoperative Acceleromyography Monitoring Reduces Symptoms of Muscle Weakness and Improves Quality of
Recovery in the Early Postoperative Period”