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Final Essay Assignment: A complete essay should be a short typewritten paper of 3 ½ -5 pages or at least 1100 words.
***Link coronavirus fear an outbreak
or bad economy, anything with trump
Assignment – Consider a true story in history or in the news or even one of the case studies that appear at the end of each chapter of the Ethical Choices textbook. Think about how some moral questions, dilemmas, or ideas appear in the material you choose. In your essay, you should analyze the subject matter you choose from a philosophical point of view, making sure to organize what you say around some conclusion of your own. You should relate the story or case you choose to one or more theories we have discussed in class.

Component 1 (Introduction)

Your paper will be responding to a particular philosophical question. In this class, we have for the most part been exploring some responses to the philosophical question that asks whether there is some theory or idea that best explains morality or why certain actions are good or right as opposed to bad or wrong. So, in your opening paragraph, you should make sure to let the reader know that this is an issue to which your paper is responding.

Your opening paragraph should also mention the main point you plan to put forth. That is, your essay should present a thesis, or conclusion, of your own. The thesis would be the overall point that you would like to put forth in your paper. As your main point, you may, for example, point out and explain how the story or complex moral situation that you have chosen brings out clearly, or helps support, or raises questions about, or challenges a particular idea or ideas concerning ethics that we have talked about during the semester. It is also possible that your main point could simply make a case for the idea that one theory of ethics is more convincing than another. The overall main point of your essay could be anything; it’s up to you

The introduction is important because here you explain to reader what is to come in your paper and why the reader should take an interest in reading it. The reader should look forward to finding out about your take on a particular issue and also about how you plan to give support to your own claim. Also, here in your introduction, it’s helpful to indicate, in a general way, what you plan to say in the remainder of your paper. (25%)

Component 2 (Body of Your Essay)

A. At some point in your essay it would be important to provide a synopsis of the story or situation such that you give the reader a clear idea of what the story or situation is about. You should also talk about how a particular moral issue, theme, or question appears in this material. (25%)

B. Show how the material you introduce relates to an idea or ideas about ethics that we have discussed during the semester. Make sure to give a clear description of any ethical theory or theories that you bring up. Here, when you write about any particular philosophical ideas about ethics it is helpful to write as if you were addressing a person who is unfamiliar with this material. This discussion should also lead toward your conclusion, in which you give the reader reason to believe that the overall point of your essay is true. (25%)

Component 3 (Structure/Style)

Your paper should be clearly written with a minimum of grammatical/structural errors. What you present should show some original thinking and you should avoid clichés or a simple rehash of points that appear in the textbook or class notes. (25%)