Leading Organizational Development – Class Presentation

Leading Organizational Development – Class Presentation

This in-depth work will assess their skill in developing effective team leadership and teams

Company: ADNOC Refining (Takreer)

Department: Security Department

Main instructions:

  1. This report is about how the team in your workplace currently functions.
  2. This is not a general report.
  3. Examples should be specific regarding how your team works.


Report Outline:

  1. Introduction:
    • Background of the security department team. (2 sentences only)
  1. Current working style.

Write about “Team” style.

  • You need to show (current structure of team but NOT company structure).
Security Officer



Sr . Security Officer


Team Leader
ISPS Officer
Security Supervisors
  • Team Structure under the Security Department Manager:
  • Write about Self-managed team. Refer to slide No. 11.
  • You need to assume that you are working in a team within the “security Department” department as a member of a team.
  • List the teams under the security department. (Morning, General, Night)
  • Team Leader is reporting Directly to the VP and VP reporting Directly to the CEO


  1. Benefits and limitations in working as a team.
  • Provide real examples of the advantages and disadvantages listed in the image below: (Don’t give the definition)
  • Just cover 4 advantages
  • Just cover 2 disadvantages
  • The advantages and disadvantages that you did not include should be used for recommendations.
  • For example, you select synergy as an advantage, It is not required to explain the definition of Synergy. You have to explain the synergy as a part of your team.
  • While you are discussing the advantages & disadvantages of working as a team, you need to link it with team decision making (Slide No. 23)


  1. Identifying the role of the team leader
  • (what a team leader does in real life). You need to explain the role specifically not a general
  • Refer to slide 8 for reference.


  1. Impact of current organization’s culture in teamwork.
  • Refer to slide No. 9 & required to explain (applicable points) specifically.


  1. Role of top management in the success of teamwork.
  • Write a brief discussion on what is the role of the top management and their contributions in the success of the team.


  1. Recommendation of having an effective self-managed team in our current organization.
  • How can you develop a self-managed team?
  • If the organization not supporting team creativity, you need to recommend. Refer to slide No. 18 (4 points highlighted in the slide shows whether an organization is doing all of those points or not. If the organization is doing all of those points, it means that they are supporting & no recommendations needed
  1. Conclusion:
  2. Reflection


Learning Outcomes:

  1. Recognize the implications of leadership style and its impact on team and organization performance.
  2. Identify and critically assess assumptions that influence decisions and actions on management, leadership, teamwork and relationship building.