Leadership Studies Essay Assignment on EFQM and ISO 9001


This assignment requires you to conduct a full literature review and to integrate answers with the relevant course materials.

  1. Demonstrate advanced knowledge of the concepts of business excellence principles and methods by analyzing the substantive
  2. similarities/differences, and
  3. associated benefits to organizations

Between the quality and excellence accreditation standards of ISO 9001, and EFQM.

Please explains the challenges in terms of EFQM and from a leaders perspective not in general, in this section as you know

For the EFQM there are 3 main components

  1. Eight Core Values or principles
  2. Nine Criteria
  3. RADAR Logic

Kindly critically assess the challenges from the 3 components not in general but critically assess the challenges by taking a Systemic approach (you need to take a look at the EFQM from the top-down).

When you get challenges please connect it to the EFQM component.

When you find a challenge please specify the significance of that challenge or in terms on why is it significant.

3 Critically evaluate a range of Leadership approaches and recommendations relevant to overcome the challenges that organizations face throughout their business excellence journey.

Based on the challenges kindly provide a recommendations based on the challenges, don’t give recommendation in general from search of experience but give it from the challenges mentioned on question 2

And if you mention challenge a and b and c, the recommendations should be arranged in the same order and it should be starting with recommendation a (based on challenge a), recommendation b (based on challenge b) and recommendation C (based on challenge C