Leadership Studies Essay Assignment on Continuous Improvement

Assignment Overview
For this Module 4 Case Assignment, you will complete the following:

Conduct a personal evaluation of your team.

In reality, you have been assessing the team all the way through the course, but in this Case, you are going to condense your analysis into a format that will become the basis for an action plan for continuous improvement and team learning in the SLP for this module.

Review your SLPs and Cases, from Modules 1-3, and for each question on the left side of the table (below), answer yes or no and list appropriate actions for improvement on the right side.

Conclude your findings by summarizing what you have found with your assessment.

Keys to the Assignment
This Case assignment should be a minimum of 5 pages (excluding title and references pages) and supported with at least three scholarly sources. 

For this Case Assignment, please include a title page, introduction, body of work (Table), a conclusion, and a references page.


The table is your main body of work. Copy and paste the table listed below into the body of your paper (between the introduction and conclusion), and for each question on the left side of the table, answer yes or no and list appropriate actions (support with three scholarly sources) for improvement on the right side. The finished table should be between 3 and 5 pages. Don’t forget to cite and reference Nemiro (2004) for using the table. 

Be sure that the presentation is professional. For example, make sure page breaks do not break up text and align the answers in the right-hand cells with the related question on the left.

The following is adapted from table 8.1: Actions for growth and improvement. In Nemiro, J. E. (2004). Creativity in Virtual Teams: Key Components for Success. San Francisco, CA: Pfeifer and Company.

 Back Ground:

Often, team assessment and evaluation take place through informal discussions among team members. This may take place spontaneously in co-located teams, but it is especially important to formalize these procedures in virtual teams. Even co-located teams can benefit from a planned and conscious evaluation of their work product and process.

There are a number of tools that can be used to evaluate the performance and process of a team. The following readings describe several of these approaches and processes. Additionally, we will introduce and implement an assessment table (Nemiro, 2004) to use for the Module 4 Case Assignment.

Team Learning and Improvement Reading

The following article is no longer in print but is used with the author’s permission.  It explains the purpose and process of creating action plans:

Allen, G. (2007). Action planning. Used with the author’s permission.

Here is a template for constructing an action plan. It may help you with your SLP assignment:

Action Plan Template. (n.d.) Free Word Templates and Formats. Retrieved from https://www.aztemplates.org/action-plan-template.html

Once the assessment is done, and areas of improvement have been identified, the team needs to put this learning into practice for continuous improvement of team functioning in the Module 4 SLP Assignment. One way to do this is to develop an action plan to help concretize improvement goals and determine what steps need to be taken to achieve them. An effective action plan will include a timetable and realistic, clearly defined steps that the team can take to enhance performance. This plan should be reviewed periodically to assess progress and results.