Leadership Studies Assignment on Trait & Skills Leadership Journal Article Discovery

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to give students practice locating scholarly journal articles on a topic within their preferred context and thoughtfully complete summaries of 180-250 words.

Word count Limit: The word count limit for each summary range from 180 to 250 words (The limit is 250 words).


For this assignment, you will find and read academic peer-reviewed journal articles on each leadership theory/approach studied in this module. One article should relate to a trait approach to leadership, and the other one should relate to a skills approach to leadership.
Once you have done this, you will upload a document containing each article’s full citation (properly formatted to APA style) and a short description (one paragraph), as described below.
The Details

Find, download, read, and summarize two academic journal articles. One of which relates to a trait approach to leadership and one that includes a skills approach. (NOT 2 articles for each of the 6 concepts).
Each article should be related to your context of interest (K-12 schools, higher education, non-profit organizations, churches, military, etc.), and should be of an empirical study or literature review from a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal written within the last five years (approximately).
Do not include a book chapter, book review, dissertation, book, editorial, white paper, trade magazine article, or other non-peer-reviewed sources.


Write a precise summary for each article (one paragraph) the following information:

Full APA citation
After the citation, provide a direct link to the journal article
One paragraph containing the following information:
The reason you selected this particular article*
The problem or issue investigated in the article
The method(s) the researcher used to study the problem or issue
The most important or significant finding of the study
* (i.e. relevance to your research interest, connection to what you have learned about trait/skills approaches to leadership, how the article further explains/ argues/advances a concept from trait/leadership approaches you learned about in this module).

Each summary should not exceed 250 words