Leadership Studies Assignment on Successful Unsuccessful and Wildcard Organizations

Examples of Holacracy for a Successful, Unsuccessful, and a Wildcard Organization.

-Need 1 example for each. The example for the wildcard organization can be either a successful or an unsuccessful example. In the end, an example for each is needed; totaling 3 different organizations.

-APA 7 format
-Minimum of two pages per example.
-Requires the reference page.
-Attempt to use at least 2 peer-reviewed references. The rest can be credible references online.
-Does NOT require a title page.
-In leu of the title page, however, I request a short annotated bibliography of the sources used. (if that requires payment for an additional page I understand)

-Last Additional request::: Would like to see if the writer would be willing to make 3 slides for a PPT concerning the three different organizations. These 3 slides would be added into a much larger PPT so no title or reference slide would be needed; only 1 slide per organization from the paper. The slide would be a general overview of each company with points for why or why not holacracy was successful or wasn’t.
(I understand additional payment would be needed for this and I am requesting it all be done by the same writer so that it would simply flow better)

If it would be cheaper and less of an issue to separate the paper from the PPT I can wait until the paper is done and then request the 3 PPT slides.

I am a very long-time customer and I appreciate the jobs you all do here.

Open to your suggestions