Leadership Studies Assignment on Governance in Healthcare

Healthcare Leadership & Governance – SHS 411
Spring 2021
Individual Assignment Description: (10%)
Assignment description: (Governance in Healthcare)
For this individual assignment, you are asked to do a brief research on “Leadership and
WHO reported that it involves ensuring strategic policy frameworks exist and are combined with
effective oversight, coalition-building, regulation, attention to system design, and accountability.
Three main categories of stakeholders who interact with each other determine the health system
and its governance:
 the State (government organizations and agencies at central and sub-national level);
 the health service providers (different public and private for and not for profit clinical,
para-medical and non-clinical health services providers; unions and other professional
associations; networks of care or of services);
 the citizen (population representatives, patients’ associations, CSOs/NGOs, citizens
associations protecting the poor, etc.) who become service users when they interact with
health service providers. (WHO, 2021)
Prepare a written report (MSWord file) consist of the topic based on multiple references
– journal articles, websites, books, etc… that includes information about a chosen
country and its efforts on an existed framework of governance in healthcare.
Examples of the type of information that can be included are:
 Choose a country in the region in healthcare and describe its healthcare system
 Describe the governance framework already existed or propose how it supposes
to be if not having any
You will be required to include a reference list (primary literature, review papers, online
sources, newspaper articles, textbooks, etc.) within the Word File
Due date:
Word limit: (maximum 800 – 1000 words) excluding cover page and reference page