Leadership Studies Assignment aging models of healthcare

This assessment task requires you to write a report on a given topic.

Learning Outcomes

The purpose of this Assessment task is for you to:

  1. Explain the application of complex management theories in the management of health care teams and organizations.
  2. Interpret the applicability of health care research findings to health care management practice.
  3. Formulate practical solutions and apply management experience to solve complex health management problems.
  4. Demonstrate theoretical and practical approaches to leadership within health services and the importance of clinical engagement.
  5. Communicate health care management solutions to specialist and non-specialist audiences.
  6. Evaluate the perspectives of health care consumers and other stakeholders in health service planning.

Assessment details

Definition: A report is a concise piece of writing that sets out and analyses a situation or problem, often making recommendations for future actions. Where an essay focuses on arguments and reasoning, a report concentrates on the logical presentation of facts. Reports include headings and specific sections and may include bullet points, figures and tables, and appendices. Detailed reports are usually structured: description of problem or situation; interpretation and critical analysis of the event or situation; evaluation of the facts or results of the research; discussion of the likely outcomes of future courses of action; recommendations as to a course of action; and conclusions.

This Assessment is designed to enable you to develop and practice critical thinking, investigative, leadership, and managerial skills.


Healthcare will change dramatically in the future due to many social, cultural and technological shifts. For this assignment you will need to consider and analyse the area below, identifying what you believe are 2-3 major shifts/challenges that will impact your healthcare service/department/unit over the next five years:

Write a report to your line manager that describes these challenges, and that outlines a response for your area or department in relation to these strategic changes.

Your report should include the following planned steps for change:

a) Identifying key stakeholders who must be part of accomplishing the strategic change and a plan for engaging them.

b) SMART goals for achieving key steps in the strategic change.

c) A plan for assessing the success of the strategic change and for evaluating alternatives if the initial change is not successful.

 Note: I’m a nurse in intensive care unit, I worked for a year.

Important information

Your report should be based on peer-reviewed scientific literature that you have sourced for yourself through literature and database searches; that is, scientific journal articles, papers, books, and so on. You can also reference published government reports and publications, institutional reports and regulatory standards, and other similar official materials. Do not use general websites for information.

Your report is to be written for an educated but mainly non-scientific audience; it could be your direct line manager or a managerial group who have allocated you this task. It should therefore be written in plain managerial language that this person or group would understand. Avoid the use of jargon, and explain specialized terms and acronyms if you use them.

You must cite all of your sources using the Vancouver references. If your contribution to the conversation includes the intellectual property (authored material) of others (including books, journal articles, grey literature, magazines, news articles, websites, social media, etc.) they must be given appropriate attribution.