Language & Cross Cultural Communications Assignment

Assignment 2: Individual written essay

A critical analysis of an aspect of language and cross-cultural communication (2,250 – 2,500 max words).

Possible essay titles

Choose one of the following essay titles:

1.What are some of the intercultural conflicts that we face today? How can the study of language and intercultural communication help us address and manage these conflicts?

2.Identify and discuss the role of non-verbal behavior in intercultural communication. You may relate this to one particular non-verbal behavior and/or context.

3.Discuss some of the limitations of the ‘culture as nation’ perspective. What might be implications for intercultural communication practice? You may relate this to one particular professional context.

4.Drawing upon intercultural communication theory, examine examples of ‘ethnocentrism’ and ‘otherization in the workplace. Reflect on potential reasons behind them, and discuss how they can be avoided.

5.Drawing upon relevant theory and research, discuss and evaluate the ways in which intercultural communication can help us understand intercultural transitions

.6.Consider the ways in which intercultural communication can and/or cannot, contribute towards a company fulfilling its overseas marketing strategy and core business goals.

7.Discuss the diverse ways ‘culture’ is defined in the literature. Which definitions (or elements of definitions) are most useful in your opinion and why? You may examine one particular definition/conceptualization.

8.Select a ‘speech event’ from the media (such as television, newspaper, radio, etc.) that shows an aspect(s) of intercultural communication. Describe, explain and analyze this speech event in relation to no more than two of the themes discussed in the module (e.g. ethnocentrism, ‘othering’, power, etc.). *Audio-visual data does not need to be submitted but a video link and/or full transcript is required.       

               Whichever essay topic you choose: Note that most credit will be given for work drawing on a wide range of sources, most importantly including recent, empirical studies.

The essay should:

  • be typed in a standard font (e. Arial, Times New Roman) and in size 12
  • be numbered on each page
  • state (on the front page) the number of words in the assignment with the title

Dear Students.

Some of you have contacted me about the assignments (diary and essay), the most common question being ‘what would get me a good mark?’

The most important piece of advice I can give you is to make sure you demonstrate your capacity for critical thinking (i.e. being able to analyze an issue from different angles) and to show a proper understanding of the key theoretical concepts in the module. In other words, I’m looking for sound analysis as well as evidence that you’ve engaged with the academic literature.