Knowledge Management Class- Report on Knowledge Management in InterContinental Hotels Group

Here, I need you to finish my work on “Knowledge Management” in InterContinental Hotels Group. You need to follow the steps in the “instruction” files I provided. You first need to choose a focus area (I recommend IT systems for KM, but please choose which one is suitable​ for this case). This does not mean you do not explain about the other 4 areas, so you choose 1 focus area, but still state the other four as it all relates. I will also provide a file under each of the areas, which journals you can use. Please see the instruction on what to do in each part.
-Generally, you have to analyze and assess the organization’s current KM capacity and project the future KM needs, and offer recommendations.
-In the current situation part> no theories applied yet, only analyzing the Knowledge management systems, practice, and challenges
-This challenge can be used in the next part where you discuss what knowledge management theories or models can be used. But, please read the exact instruction on the file.
-Please use academic journals, newspapers, or books. My lecture book is Dalkir, K. (2017) Knowledge Management in Theory and Practice (3rd ed). MIT Press Cambridge Massachusetts. > I provide it below, you can use the theory from here
-Continue on my draft under the file titled “Report”, I already state the required numbers for you.
-Please follow the instruction and refer to the rubrics in generating the best report

I really appreciate your help as this is a very important assignment for me. Thank you so much! 🙂