Khallilzad trip to Central Asia to promote peace and economic cooperation C5+1


Recently, the US special envoy for peace in Afghanistan, Mr. Khalilzad, and his team visited Uzbekistan and other central Asian countries to discuss the peace process and economic cooperation between C5+1. In light of this meeting, please elaborate more on the topics of discussion, the achievement, and agreements reached as a result of this visit so far. The outline of the paper should be as follows:
– Promotion and implementation strategies of US Strategy for Central Asia (2019-2025) amid COVID19.
– Why did Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan in particular, but all C5 in general raise unfavorable voices towards china, and how the US Strategy could change or reinforce those voices in the region?
– What kind of role does the United States play in this region to promote its strategy?
– What progresses has been made so far, and what topics and issues are under discussion between the US and these Central Asian countries?
– What strategies and plans are already in place or set to take motion in near future. What are the consequences of these strategies for China?
– The paper should investigate and explore how would counter-react to China’s reach in the region?
– In the recent visit of Khalilzad and his delegation to Central Asia for C5+1, the paper should elaborate more on the topics of discussion, the achievement and agreements reached during the recent visits of the US Special Envoy for Afghanistan peace and his team during their visit to Central Asia. What topics they have discussed, what agreements reached, what strategic steps US would take to continue these strategic actions discussed, consequences for China, etc.