Journal Article Review on General Psychology- Web Assignment

Journal Article Review                                   General Psychology- Web  


Name: _________________  

The paper should be two pages.

Section 1

What were the researchers studying/researching?

What was the hypothesis/hypotheses?                                                                                       20 points

Section 2

Describe the characteristics of the participants?                                                                         20 points

Section 3

How was the research conducted (describe what the researchers did)?

Does the research fit one of the research methods reviewed in the textbook: survey/questionnaire, case study, correlational research, experimental design? Define the method used.

25 points


Section 4

What were the results?

What conclusions did the researchers make?

What suggestions for future research were made?                                                                    20 points

Section 5

Correct APA citation/format of summary

Professional Journal utilized (list of APA journals)

15 point

Library Resources:

How to find a peer-reviewed journal article on the library website:   *Procedures may have changed slightly.

  1. Go to the school’s website & click on the Library link, then the Articles: Research Databases link, then scroll down & click on EBSCO host.
  2. Click on the blue “Choose Databases” at the top.
  3. Click on the “Academic Search Premier” box to turn it off. Scroll down to “PsycArticles” and/or “Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection” and click on its box.
  4. Click the “Continue” or “OK” button (located at the top or bottom of the page).
  5. Click on Search Options & checkboxes for Full text & Peer-Reviewed (Scholarly).
  6. Enter your search word(s) (keywords) in the empty box[es] at the top of the screen. You must do the AFTER you have clicked the peer-reviewed/scholarly articles box.  You should see an icon on the left verifying it’s scholarly.
  7. A list of articles will appear on your screen. For each article, you should see an underlined blue link (this is the title) & links labeled PDF Full Text or HTML Full Text.  Choose a title that looks interesting to you and click on the title link; it will take you to a citation & abstract page for the article.  You will see the abstract (a summary of the article) and get a sense of what the article is discussing.  To see the entire article, click on the PDF full-text or the HTML full text.  You can email it to yourself or pay to print it on the library printers.