Is social Media Enhancing or Damaging to Peoples Lives Why or Why not

Essay # 2 – Life Online (100 points)

“For many people the life that they lead on the Internet, can be exciting, interesting, and can be filled with hopes and dreams that are perhaps outside of the actual range of their situation, but can also be a big distraction and keeps them from living their real lives,” – Nev Schulman, Catfish

   Is social media enhancing or damaging to peoples lives? Why or Why not?

Readings:  In order to support your position, you must include 4 researched/scholarly sources 1 one which must be from the readings list for this unit.

Some considerations can include:

  • social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,etc.)
  • connection / reconnection
  • self expression
  • the obsessions with selfie’s
  • reality vs. fantasy
  • reality vs. substitutions
  • establishing/creating connections
  • the impacts of addiction
  • dangers/problems/lasting effects


Format: Papers must be 4 complete pages, double spaced, stapled, in 12-point Times New Roman font, and conforming to APA style guidelines. All papers must be accompanied by APA-style Works Cited page. Formatting and proofreading will count in your grade for this assignment