International Relations Assignment on United Nations Security Council reform

United Nations Security Council reform (Choose your own title for the essay).
Select one country from the list below (you may choose a different country, but then you need the instructor’s prior approval of your choice).
• Germany
• Japan
• India
• Brazil
• South Africa
• Nigeria
• Egypt

Now write an essay, using the country you selected as a case study.
The main research question is as follows: why does [country] present itself as a suitable candidate to become a permanent member of the UN Security Council, and what are the arguments against its candidature?
Consider, as part of your essay, the following: Why do many member states of the United Nations want the UN Security Council to be reformed? What, in particular, makes [country] so confident that it should be a permanent member of the Security Council? What has [country] done to prove to the world that it is ready to be a permanent member? What kind of support does it have, among other states or regions? Do any of the current five permanent members support [country]’s candidature? Which countries oppose [country]’s candidature, and why? Conclude with some reflection on the prospects for [country] to be successful in its bid to become a permanent member of the UN Security Council.
Note: This should be a very concise, reflective research paper. You do not have the space to provide lengthy historical or technical notes. If you want to provide detailed additional information, you can attach annexures (addenda) to your essay.

1000 to 1200 words. The word count includes content only (excluding the title page, synopsis, table of contents, bibliography, appendices). Provide a word count.
Use a minimum of five sources.
Use both primary and secondary sources. Examples of primary sources are speeches, press releases, official websites of governments, interviews, blogs etc. Examples of secondary sources are books, journal articles, newspaper articles, etc.
Wikipedia may not be used as a source in academic research.

Assignments must be typed. The content of the essay must meet the language, technical, and referencing requirements of scientific writing. All cited sources must appear in the Bibliography. Do not include sources that were not cited in the text. Proofread your assignment before submission.
Ensure that the following are included:
• title page
• synopsis*
• table of contents
• an introduction as well as a conclusion
• in-text headings
• in-text references
• bibliography
• word count
*A synopsis (abstract) of 150-200 words (one paragraph) is required. The synopsis is an abstract based on your whole assignment and is not an introduction to the main text (it is also not a substitute for the introduction).