International Relations Assignment on modern agriculture effect on the UAE’s economy

modern agriculture effect on the UAE’s economy
Senior Seminar Research Paper guidelines:
1- Topic related to modernity: modern agriculture effect on the UAE’s economy
2- Specific research question, based on the chosen topic
3- Brief statement explaining this connection to modernity:
a. How is this question related to modernity?
b. Why is this question important or interesting?
4- Sources: a statement about sources, sources 3 academic 2 non-academic
Research paper basic structure:
– 4 pages (1 space, TNR font 12, normal margins)
– Must use a total of 5 sources
– 3 scholarly sources directly related to the topic, plus any number of other nonacademic information sources (such as archival material or newspapers).
– Paper must include the following parts:
– Cover page
– Table of contents
– Introduction
– Research question/questions
– Literature review
– Analysis and discussion of ideas related to the research questions
– Original knowledge and/or statistical analysis of surveys or other research tools
– Significance of this analysis to understand and/or change certain aspects of our lives and/or the modern world. What do we learn from doing this research about this topic
– Conclusion
– Bibliography of sources used