Intermediate Qualification in Human Resource Management (HRM)

Intermediate Qualification in Human Resource Management (HRM)
Assessment feedback Intermediate (DVP)
CIPD Level 5 PwC Nov 2017
Assessment feedback sheet
Assessment Code: DVP – Developing Professional Practice
Student name: Fahad Aldajani Membership
56748916 Assignment
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29th June
Assessor name: Sue
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Yes – 2534
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Extension given
31st May 2020
14th June 2020
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14th June
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Format and
You need to consider the layout, to be more business focused, so headings, sub-headings, bold font, bullet point
would enhance and give clarity to your content. You have only 8 references which surprised me for a level 5 paper,
wider reading would enhance your work for this you need to build in time. When you cut and paste into your work,
check the font and line spacing and this stands out clearly. This programme is also trying to enhance the way we as
HR present information, consider if your manager was going to read it, the use of headings and clarity in your
messages are very important.
Assessor overall
Fahad, I appreciate you have worked hard on this piece of work and I believe the first one is always the hardest to get
into the mindset of what is wanted from you. You need to build on your content and review the extensive feedback I
have given you below which will support your resubmission. Make contact with your tutor who will be able to
support you but you must focus on what is required and review the guidance Cheryl has already given you.
Your resubmission date will be 29th June 2020.
Intermediate Qualification in Human Resource Management (HRM)
Assessment feedback Intermediate (DVP)
CIPD Level 5 PwC Nov 2017
The student can: Tutor/Assessor comments & developmental feedback 1
1. Understand what is required to be an effective and efficient HR professional.
1.1 Evaluate what it means to be an HR
professional, making reference to the
current CIPD Profession Map
This section is very descriptive in nature with some evaluation of
professionalism. You could have considered the CIPD own code of ethics
that all HR professionals work by. You could have expanded on other areas,
the thinking performer and made links to the new map and how that has
changed before of how the world of work has changed.
Wider reading would have supported you in this section. The keyword here
is evaluating, so going forwards always focus on what is being asked of you
to ensure you meet the criteria. You have made reference to the map.
Borderline pass.
1.2 Describe the elements of the group
dynamics and conflict resolution
You have given a description of Tuckman (be aware of the spelling, always
double-check your work) ensure you give clarity to the content, it does take
an effective leader to manage a team through these stages, it just does not
happen on its own. You do show an understanding of the concepts.
Always be aware when reading work, I can clearly see when work has been
pasted into your own work because of sentence construction and grammar,
you also left the font different in this section.
You have used the TK model, the ACAS grievance model, and the CIPD
mediation model. You just need to use two models (you could offer one
and then apply different aspects of it) but apply them to an actual HR
situation. The criteria need you to show your application of the theory
through your examples.
2. Be able to perform efficiently and effectively as an HR professional.
Intermediate Qualification in Human Resource Management (HRM)
Assessment feedback Intermediate (DVP)
CIPD Level 5 PwC Nov 2017
2.1 Apply project management techniques. This section needs to have a structure – use sub-heading to set out the
project brief – You need to evidence what you actually did (Gannt chart,
risk analysis, stakeholder map, etc.) Identify the headings for each
stage of the plan – objectives, goal setting, stakeholders, timeline,
monitoring, evaluation for example. The current content is a little
confusing and some of the sentences do not make sense relating to a
project. I would put your headings and then decide what action you
carried out in each of the sections of the project. Once you have done
that look at the evidence you need to put into your appendices to
support your work.
2.2 Apply problem-solving techniques. You need to build on what you have started and refocus the section to
give it more clarity – you have used a solid problem-solving tool. You
do not need to explain the tool, just use that particular tool to resolve
the relevant problem from within the project journey.
2.3 Apply a range of methods for influencing,
persuading and negotiating with others.
The paragraph is written and needs clarity to show your understanding. I
would suggest you take a model for each and then apply aspects of it
to actual actions taken during the project. I fully appreciate that English
is a second language but please read back through your work to
double-check on its understanding. (some suggestions; Robert Cialdini
– Persuasion; Push and Pull for influencing and Ury and Fisher
3. Be able to apply CPD techniques to construct, implement and review a personal development plan.
3.1 Undertake a self-assessment of HR
professional practice capabilities to
identify continuing professional
development needs.
You did undertake a self-assessment using the HR profession map, you
have uploaded your Employee relations results with your work. I am
surprised as there is no mention of ER within your development plan.
You need to work on the development plan to identify those
professional development needs as this links to 3.2 therefore, I have
referred to both sections.
Intermediate Qualification in Human Resource Management (HRM)
Assessment feedback Intermediate (DVP)
CIPD Level 5 PwC Nov 2017
3.2 Produce a plan to meet personal
development objectives based on an
evaluation of different options.
You need to produce a development plan that has detail to it. You need
to reflect on each of the objectives set and clearly review how you plan
to achieve them and what you are going to need to be able to achieve
them. All the success criteria are the same for each as are the deadline
Your evaluation (activity 4) is 178 words long in relation to answering
the actual question. Keep focused on what is being asked. I am still
struggling to link your ER subject to your development plan. The keyword here is the evaluation of the different options you have to develop
your skills.
You need to commit more time and thought to this plan.
3.3 During the program, you will provide
reflective summary of your performance
against the plan (PDP) you produced in
this unit; You should also identify any
future development needs and record
these in your PDP, making amendments
and updates explaining how your
reflections may have led to you revising
your plan. Comments will be provided
during each unit, and finally assessed at
the end of the course.
Going forwards I will be reviewing your key learning summary reflection and
also, your development plan updates and gives you guidance on the standard
needed ready for your final submission (DVP part2) at the end of the
program, as this work will build over time