Information Systems Research Project

Submit researched scholarly data for FIVE of the IS-related solutions that are named below.
Submit a minimum of EIGHT full pages of double-spaced text in the Body of the Text section for EACH IS-related solution. The total number of pages in the Body of the Text section is EIGHT full pages. The Title, Abstract, and Reference List pages are not considered part of the “EIGHT full pages” in the Body of the Text section.
A minimum of EIGHT primary reference sources outside of the course textbook is required to be cited and referenced in the document submission (ONE per topic).
As you do your research and compose data for each of the IS-related solutions in each assignment, keep up the Reference List page and make notes for the data in the Conclusion section.

IS-related solutions:
Supply Chain Management (SCM), Digital Dashboard with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Cloud Computing, Mobile Infrastructure, Search Engine Optimization (SEO