Individual Paper Ethnographic methods

session 3 Individual Paper (Ethnographic methods)
All individual papers should have a minimum word count of 650 words (i.e., a minimum of 2 full pages) and a maximum word count of 1300 words (i.e., a maximum of 4 full pages), written in double-spaced word-processed pages (10-12 point font size.

For all of the individual papers, half of your paper must be a summary of the case study/article method sections; the other half of your paper must be your analysis, reactions, and comments. As an example, for the method review articles, and effective way to write the articles is to devote one paragraph to summarize the method section of each of the 3 articles you are to summarize (this will take 3 paragraphs – about 1-1.25 pages). Then use the remainder of your paper to compare and contrast the method sections, and compare them to the methodology as described in the text and in class. I strongly recommend that you keep your summary and your analysis clearly separated in your paper.

Be reminded that I have read all the material in the course; it is your job to convince me that you have read and thought about the material. I want to see evidence that you worked to understand the material. All papers are to be written in the third person, except that you can use the first person in your comments/reactions. Students must follow American Psychological Association (APA) format for proper grammar, spelling, sentence/paragraph structure, and citations. A rubric for marking the case study papers is given in Canvas
For each of the method section reviews, you are to read the method sections of THREE of the relevant articles. Then you are to summarize the method sections (in about 1 full paragraph each), compare them and tie them into the text, and provide an analysis. Be sure to include the actual APA-style citations at the end of your paper! One method section review is due in each of Sessions 3-7.

For the Ethnographic methods review, you are to summarize the method sections of the 3 ethnographic methods articles that you read (in 1 paragraph each), then compare and contrast the method sections, showing how they illustrate ethnographic research. You may want to pull in additional material from Chapter 12 Qualitative Research Methods

Further information about this format and structure of this and other individual papers may be found in Individual Papers Resources