Human Resources Management Research paper on Fictitious Company

You will create a fictitious company.

You will note the net worth, staff size, location, years in existence, and scope.

Identify three challenges that this company could be facing, for example, Transgender Ban , Sexual Harassment, Shortage of qualified workers to keep them competitive. These are just some examples.

As the HR leader for your company, develop policies and strategies that would provide resolutions to the problems you identify based on what we have covered this semester, for example, Employee Law, Recruitment and Selection, etc. You should factor in as well the social, political, cultural, and economic environment of the country in which your company resides.

Your report should integrate the readings, cases, and current research on the issues you are reporting on.

I will list some references that could be used. I will also attach in the “Additional Materials” two previous works that I did so you can have an idea of the type of work you should do. Thank you very much.

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