Human Resources Management (HRM) Assignment on Tesla Recruitment and selection

You are required to select an international organization and to analyze one of its International Human Resources (IHRM) functions. You are required to describe the selected IHRM function and evaluate it.

Evaluation. Your paper is marked on the following criteria: quality of content (choice of topic and sources, whether the review demonstrates understanding and the ability to link different sources and draw inferences), style (clarity of presentation, adherence to guidelines as outlined above), and thoughtfulness (independence and stringency of thoughts expressed, in particular, in the discussion of implications).

First of all, your paper should include the following:

  1. Introduction
  2. A company overview.
  3. Company IHRM function presentation
  4. Company IHRM function evaluation
  5. Company IHRM function recommendations
  6. Conclusion
  7. References.

Assignment Requirement

  • ·  The research paper should be typewritten, 1.5 line-spaced, using 12-point size font times new roman, and should not exceed 10 pages (excluding cover page, and references).
  • ·  The cover page should provide the title of the research paper, the complete student name, student ID number, and course code.

This project is an important requirement in this course and is worth 25% of the total grade.

Report due: 13th February 2021 Submission of reports:

  • All reports must have a University cover sheet with all of the appropriate details completed, including names and course details. Cover sheets should be signed by each member, which usually requires advance planning.
  • ·  Reports must be stapled in the top left-hand corner or bound (where appropriate).
  • ·  All students are required to keep a copy of assignments