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The Barack Obama Community Center Assignment

Nursing Research Paper on PICOT Assignment

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The Barack Obama Community Center Assignment

FINAL Assignment-Assignment 3
The Barack Obama Community Center
Congratulations! Y ou have just been appointed the new Director of The Barack Obama
Community Center (BOCC). You are new to the district, and this is your first directorship.
Your immediate supervisor, Dr. Jordan (CEO) of the Department of Recreation and Parks,
congratulated you in a meeting following the Board meeting that confirmed your appointment.
She knows that you are leaving tomorrow on your long-planned vacation with your family. She
gives you a folder with some information about your new community center and asks you to
provide her with a written report so that she can review it while she is on her vacation, which
begins the day after you return. Remember that your contract is contingent on your outcomes.
Your salary is 125,000.00
The folder contains:
• The enrollment, mobility and assessment spec sheets
• The reading and math data from two Dover schools (elementary and high school)
• The School Improvement Plan completed by the former director
• A letter, received by the Superintendent, from a parent questioning the community
center’s commitment to cooperative learning.
Your Assignment — ***General Directions***
Explain how you would operate The BOCC by preparing a report to your supervisor
containing the following heading (I, M, A, G, I, N, E). Details of this model can be found in
Chapter 7 in the course textbook (7th Edition).Write each section of the report in narrative format
and label the sections.
In your beach bag you have brought along some other reading. It includes statistics on the
population in close proximity to the Community center, home and apartment value in the
neighbor close to the community center, statistics on the educational level of the parents in the
neighborhood (s), transportation options – close to the community center … You also have
several articles that have been included in your packet that discuss how to IMAGINE and
PREP ARE when attempting to create a macro change. Reference and cite these materials
appropriately to support your arguments in all sections of your report. This report should be 8-1 O
pages, APA style, double-spaced page and size 12 point font. Cite a minimum of THREE
different references to support the key points. Provide information from scholarly sources to
support the key points References can come from the readings and other published sources.
Sections for your Report
I – Innovative Idea I
Based on your understanding of teaching and learning as well as larger education
issues, discuss the purpose of the community center. (Citations/evidence)
M- Muster support and formulate an action system
Who would you use to assist you with your plan ….. why …. (Citations/evidence)
A- Identify Assets
G- Specify Goals and Objectives and action steps to attain them
I-Implement the plan
N-Neutralize the opposition
E-Evaluate the progress of macro change
BOCC Fact Sheet
• The BOCC is one of five community centers in Dover Delaware. The population of the
schools in area has been increasing for the past five years. There are approximately 26
students in each class, compared to 21 students per class five years ago. Student
demographics are also changing as indicated in the two charts below. There are 5 active
parent organizations. Among other things, the parent organization has conducted a
successful fund-raising campaign and donated the profits to the five of the school’s
computer programs.
• Some of the leaders of the parent organization have made a point of requesting certain
teachers for their children. While this is theoretically counter to district policy, most of
these requests have been honored.
• A subsidized housing project has brought many children of low-income families into the
school district for the first time.
1999 ta 2012 students Receiving Special services for Elementary
SbJdents by Special Senoce
i • • • • • • • •
1999 2000 2001 2002 200) 20<M 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
504 FARM S
• •
LEP Migrant Spec. Ed.
• •
I Elementary » II ■19.91
Asian II I 25.91
I Black/African Amer. II • 1s.ol
I Hispanic/Latino I 29.21
White I I 17.61
I Two or more races I 26.21
Male I …. 19.91
I Female
·–· 19.91
504 I ··– 9.31
I FARMS , ••• 19.61
LEP I I ..• 24.21
• The number of students enrolled in Basic Skills classes (based on statewide tests) has
increased dramatically over the past five years, from about four students per grade level to
about 20 students per grade.
The data table below and the associated chart indicate the percentage of students scoring
at or above proficient in reading and math and also by the type of students in the Dover area.
Elementary Africa Hisp Two or More Whi Spec Titi
Exams All nAm. anic Races te ial Ed el LEP
Reading 74 64.7 70 47 88 36 67 22
74. Math 3 64 59 48 89 33 55 33
■ Reading
■ Math
The data table below and the associated chart indicate the percentage of students scoring at or
above proficient in reading and math and also by the type of students for the Dover Springs District.
Elementary Africa Hisp Two or More Whi Spec Titi
Exams All nAm. anic Races te ial Ed el LEP
Reading 89 77 72 65 98 42 73 52
Math 85 68 76 68 96 44 68 56
o ,,~==—==–‘==–==~==-.–==’—==—==~
I ■
■ — ■ ■ ■
■ ■ ■ ■ • I ■ ■ ■ ■ • ■ ■
■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■
I ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■
■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

• . .
• •

■ Reading
■ Math
CEO of The Department of Recreation and Parks
Dover Springs School District
Dear Madame or Sir:
We have been residents of Dover Springs for the past 15 years, and have been very pleased with
the education our children have received in the public schools systems here. We are excited that
you have selected to create, yet another community center in our neighborhood. I have four
school aged children 9 14, 8, 16 and 11) and I would like to suggest ideas that I think would
benefit my children:
• Some sort of physical activity ( 3 of my children are overweight)
• Some type of nutritional planning
• Educational support ( tutors)
• Cultural activities
• Socialization exercises
• Foreign language program … ???? Maybe
• Exercises specific to girls (how to sit, eat, dress, act) …. etiquette.
• Exercises specific to boys (same) ….
• Substance abuse info /sexual educational info ….
I know that you may say that these things should come from home, and I agree.
I also agree that support from the community will also enforce what is being taught at home. My
children are well mannered, but many are not. I do not want another “hang out ” spot where
people are dating, cursing, running around etc ….
Can you ensure that the community center will be able to support my family as well as others?
What are you planning to do that the other community centers have not????
(name withheld), parent
(name withheld), parent
cc: Director of Elementary Schools
Examples of how to submit your goals
Goal #1: To improve implementation of cooperative learning in all community center activities
1.1 Purchase books on cooperative
learning to ensure that we are providing
the same level of learning that the
schools in the district provide.
1.2 Arrange for workshop on
cooperative learning for fall staff
development day
1.3 Grade level teams meet to
enhance plans for cooperative learning
in the center .
1 Date to be Co Responsibility Completed st Evaluation
You October ? Purchase orders
Team leaders

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