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Business Studies Assignment Social Media Campaigns

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Business Studies Assignment Social Media Campaigns


Q&As are open book (list of reference materials included on last page)

As with all work submitted, it is essential to properly credit your sources, whether the source is included in the lesson materials or it is an external resource.

To allow faculty to effectively assess student learning, quoted, summarized, and paraphrased content cannot stand alone. Quotes do not speak for themselves. 

All sourced information must be accompanied by at least 3-4 lines of student-written, original text, explaining each line of quoted content. 

Quoted, summarized, or paraphrased material, derived from a source must always be cited/referenced. Properly credit the author per APA citation guidelines both in-text and as a reference at the end of the response.


Question 1

Marked out of 6

Name several factors that can cause people to have poor listening skills. How does this relate to customer service and loyalty?

Question 2

Marked out of 6

What type of information focuses on lifestyles, modes of living, needs, motives, attitudes, reference groups, culture, social class, family influences, hobbies, political affiliation, etc.?

Select one:

  1. demographic
  2. firmographic
  3. psychographic
  4. all of the above

Question 3

Marked out of 7

Describe why customer-focused service is so important nowadays.

Question 4

Marked out of 6

Why is it important to end every customer interaction on a positive note?

Question 5

Marked out of 7

Explain why, in a total customer-focused business, just meeting customer specifications might not produce customer satisfaction.

Question 6

Marked out of 7

List and explain four things that can be done to show leadership without position in a customer-focused business.

Question 7

Marked out of 7

Explain the role of the customer in a customer-focused environment.

Question 8

Marked out of 6

Everything that a business does to keep its customers happy is called ________.

Select one:

  1. customer service
  2. customer appreciation
  3. post-sale service
  4. customer satisfaction

Question 9

Marked out of 6

Which of the following is a positive example of an interdependent environment?

Select one:

  1. Leaders and employees pitching into complete a project by the deadline.
  2. One or two individuals working overtime to complete a project because no one else officially has the responsibility to help them.
  3. Both of the above.
  4. Neither of the above.

Question 10

Marked out of 6

Which of the following statements are true concerning communication with customers?

Select one:

  1. MUST extend only to internal customers.
  2. Is never misunderstood.
  3. Is essential in a competitive marketplace.
  4. Is not necessary in a small town.

Question 11

Marked out of 6

Describe several ways that a business could leverage the loyalty of a customer. Provide an example within your response

Question 12

Marked out of 6

What are the three golden rules for small businesses with respect to CRM?

Question 13

Marked out of 6

Jonathon composes inspiring articles that encourage his readers to consider a variety of viewpoints. Jonathan is skilled in which method of communication?

Select one:

  1. Listening
  2. Writing
  3. Talking
  4. Reading

Question 14

Marked out of 6

Explain the rationale for the total quality approach to doing business.

Question 15

Marked out of 6

Describe the skills required in an employee who handles product returns. Write a one-paragraph response.

Question 16

Marked out of 6

Describe how customer service is a source of market research and the three ways to collect market research information.




Creating Customer Loyalty

  • Bolton, Ruth N. (2016) Service Excellence : Creating Customer Experiences That Build Relationships. (pp. 1-20). Marketing Strategy Collection., First ed.
    • Filename: 2_reading_1_1_a_service_centered_view_ch_1.pdf
  • Finding Your Customers: Marketing and Advertising Your Business (25 min.)

Leveraging Customer Loyalty

Researching CRM Strategy

  • Payne, A., and Frow, Pennie. (2013). Strategic Customer Management: Integrating Relationship Marketing and CRM (pp. 207-260). Cambridge University Press.
    • Filename: 2_reading_3_1_strategy_development_ch_6.pdf
  • The Customer Knows Best: Profiting from Collaboration (48 min.)

Defining Customer Focused Mindset

  • Raab, G., Ajami, R. A., Goddard, G. J., & Gargeya, P. V. B. (2016). Customer relationship management : A Global Perspective (pp. 59-78).
    • Filename: pdf
  • Raab, G., Ajami, R. A., Goddard, G. J., & Gargeya, P. V. B. (2016). Customer relationship management : A Global Perspective (pp. 79-93).
    • Filename: 2_reading_4_2_customer_relationship_management_ch_5.pdf
  • Aji, Anjali. (2017). Customer Focus [PowerPoint slides].
    • Link:
    • Filename: customerfocus-171121085958.pdf
  • Customer Needs: Optimizing the Value Chain (29 min.)
    • Films Media Group. (1999). Optimizing the value chain. Films On Demand.
      • Filename (transcript): Optimizing the Value Chain 10834.pdf

Strategies for Customer Focused Mindset

  • Bolton, Ruth N. (2016) Service Excellence : Creating Customer Experiences That Build Relationships. (pp. 1-20). Marketing Strategy Collection., First ed.
    • Filename: 2_reading_5_1_managing_partners_people_ch_8.pdf
  • Adding Value to Attract Customers (29 min.)
    • Films Media Group. (2002). Leadership in a fast-paced economy. Films On Demand.
      • Filename (transcript): Adding Value to Attract Customers 0_jr835yd4-30251.pdf

Implementing Customer Focused Mindset

  • Davey, N. (2017). The Big Picture: How to Build a CRM Strategy.
    • Link:
  • Wong, A., Liu, Ying, & Tjosvold, D. (2015). Service leadership for adaptive selling and effective customer service teams. Industrial Marketing Management, Volume 46, pp. 122-131
    • Filename: 2_reading_6_1_effective_customer_service.pdf
  • Tracy, Brian. (2017, June 8). Strategies for Customer Retention, Customer Loyalty, and Repeat Sales
    • Link:
    • Filename (transcript): (368) Strategies for Customer Retention, Customer Loyalty, and Repeat Sales _ Brian Tracy – YouTube.pdf

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