Human capital development and labour force participation of females, family policy, and the decline

Base on the topic “Human capital development and labor force participation of females, family policy, and the decline in fertility in China” 

Students will complete a survey of demographic trends and/or shocks, and their impact on a particular economy. Students will be expected to support their final work with AT LEAST FIVE reputable sources (these five must be separate journal articles or books and do NOT include website references, although those may be acceptable supporting references), AND relevant data.  Students will develop a demographic profile, and then examine a period of time when fertility rates changed, mortality rates changed, or when migration rates changed, and the resulting impact on the demographic structure and coincident changes in labor markets, production, resources, and/or government policy.

There are some questions that could include in the paper.

  1. I would like you to comment on the one-child policy, the timing of its introduction, and to track the fertility rate over time. What was the lowest fertility rate since the policy was introduced? Did it get close to 1? Why or why not?
  2. I am hoping that you will be able to get the labour force participation data by age groups, from before 1990 and after 2013.
  3. Please be sure to write about the consequences of the one-child population through population aging, and the challenges China faces to provide for the elderly.(This one should be used in the paper.)
  4. how you thought China’s growth would have differed had it not implemented the one-child policy. I followed that up with suggestions that you examine the fertility rate of neighboring countries and determine whether or not, and by how much, the fertility rate would have fallen on its own.

5. the need for children in rural and agricultural areas, and whether rural poverty increased with families having fewer children. I commented that many young parents moved into cities for work, and left their children with their grandparents in rural areas. You should write about any differences in how the one-child policy was implemented and enforced in rural