HS135: Health Issues in a Multicultural Society Fall 2019

San José State University

Department of Health Science & Recreation


Fall 2019

Final Research Paper/Assignment #3: Cultural History and Social Justice

Due to Canvas on date and time specified on Canvas (no hard copy)



“The complex whole which includes beliefs, art, knowledge, morals, law, custom, and any other capabilities and habits acquired by [man] as a member of society” (Tylor, 1871).


“An inherited lens through which the individual perceives and understands the world that [he] inhabits and learns to live within” (Helman, 2000).

“Within a group, what everybody knows that everybody else knows” (Sleeter & Grant, 1988).

This writing assignment invites you to examine a culture of yours, its roots, and key historical moments in the culture and the effects on the health and well-being of members of the culture.  You should use a mix of sources, along with your personal, professional, and/or academic experience to respond to the assignment requirements.

Your paper should follow these guidelines:

  • The paper is to be no less than 9 full pages and no greater than 10 pages of content, not including the face/cover page and reference page.
  • Be sure to begin with an introduction, and end with a conclusion.
  • The paper is to be written in APA format: 1” margins, a proper face page, running head, page numbers, Times Roman 12 pt. font with double spacing, and the use of headings to guide yourself, and your reader.
  • Research is a necessity for this assignment. You must use at least three (5) scholarly resources. If you are unclear as to what is a scholarly source, please see your instructor. You should use in-text citations for information from external sources, and a matching reference page.
  • Use level headings to guide yourself and the reader through the document.

This paper is worth 10% of your semester grade; originality will be assessed using Turnitin.com via your Canvas submission. NOTE: you will not receive credit for your assignment if you fail to submit it on CANVAS. Emailed assignments will receive a 0.

Your Cultural History  – Origins, Cultural Identity, History, and Current State

Identify and describe your cultural identity.  You will explore one culture that you identify within this assignment, examining the origin, identity, history, and current state of the culture.   Your description should include:

  1. Your culture may come from a region of the world (spatial), a place in time (temporal), a spiritual or belief orientation, or a profession.  As you can see by the definitions at the top of the assignment sheet, culture is defined in many ways.  Part of understanding the culture is knowing where and/or when it comes from.
  2. Cultural Identity. Describe your culture, including nativity, race/ethnicity, language(s), gender and generational status, spirituality, social systems, occupations, and other elements that are key to understanding your cultural identity.
  3. Identify and describe key historical and current moments and movements for your culture, focusing on those associated with social justice and human rights. This should include experience with other cultural groups and places and the outcome of those experiences on your culture and its members.
  4. Your culture today. In this final section, you should describe your culture’s successes or challenges today relating to social justice, equity, and/or health   In other words, what’s going on now that affects your culture, positively or negatively?


Listed below are the criteria which will be used to evaluate and grade your paper.  Refer to the rubric in Canvas for specific areas you will be assessed in. You must submit a Microsoft Word copy in CANVAS to receive credit. No emails of assignments will be accepted. Your writing must be original.  Overt plagiarism will result in an automatic grade reduction or failure of the assignment.  Assignments will be evaluated for originality using Turnitin.com, via Canvas submission.


Writing Basics (20 pts) Expression/Content (40 pts) Overall Presentation (40 pts)
·         Spelling

·         Grammar

·         Punctuation

·         Paragraphs

·         Clear beginning and ending

·         No more than 10 pages in length; no less than 11 full pages in length.

·         Appropriate citing and use of correct number of sources

·         Use 12-point font size

·         Subtitles/Headings

·         1-inch margins

·         Clarity

·         Creativity and original thinking

·         Addressed topic appropriately

·         Interesting points

·         Organization of ideas

·         Appearance of the document

·         Overall impression of the work