How to estimate the effectiveness of corporate strategy execution in German MNC

Research Proposal Structure
1.1 Introduction
2.1 Problem Statement
I would like to analyze the strategy execution in German multinational companies (MNCs), looking at, i.e., the Top 10 German multi-national companies.
I would like to explore how the MNC setup brings additional complexity.
3.1 Objectives
The objective of the study is to establish how executives and the board of directors in an organization could measure and improve on the execution of strategy to realize value for shareholders in a German HQ MNC (multinational corporation).
4.1 Preliminary Literature Review
Strategy and strategic management
Models and framework for effective strategy execution strategy execution
Processes of strategic management
German MNC
5.1 Methodology

Sample study the Fortune 500 top-tier firms in Germany or the top 10 largest German corporations. I am not sure if a case study or empirical research would be more effective. Or benchmarking methods, gap analysis, sets of key indicators of effectiveness?


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